Automation Partners Inc. - Tubular Compaction Control

Tubular Compactor

Finishing to fabric density results in predictable residual shrinkage.... while finishing to weight yields unpredictable residual shrinkage. Therefore, rely on course count, not weight!

An automatic compaction control system based on density measurement and control will:

  • Eliminate over- and under-weight fabric.
  • Reduce or eliminate punch-weight measurements.
  • Provide consistent results from all operators.
  • Result in uniform fabric, seam-to-seam.
  • Yield predictable residual shrinkage.

Tubular Compaction Control

The Automation Partners Inc. CCS-300 Compaction Control System uses finished fabric density as the measurement and control parameter. An optional width measurement sensor can be added to the system to provide automatic control of fabric width, resulting in the highest quality fabric - finished correctly every time.