Automation Partners Inc. - Shrinkage Measurement & Control


Measure fabric density and speed on a sanforizer and control for desired machine shrinkage or finished fabric density using feedforward control at the entry.

Measure and control fabric shrinkage directly, continuously and accurately on a sanforizer: Eliminate operator measurement and adjustment errors.

Measure and control fabric density: Obtain uniform residual shrinkage.

Do you want to improve your residual shrinkage results?

Processes prior to the sanfoizer cause variations in fabric density. These variations will also be in the finished fabric if the sanforizer machine shrinkage is held constant. The result is variation of residual shrinkage within the same roll of fabric.

These variations can be removed by controlling the machine shrinkage to obtain uniform fabric density. The SMS system uses two PSM-200 Sensor Systems, one at the entry and another at the exit and to automatically control machine shrinkage to obtain uniform fabric density - and residual shrinkage.