Automation Partners Inc. - Stenter Overfeed Control

Stenter Frame

Controlling the overfeed of a stenter frame with the Automation Partners Inc. proprietary feedforward technology results in a significant improvement in fabric density - and weight - uniformity.

Density and weight control is no longer based on punch-weight samples. You can now control every meter of fabric!

  • Fabric produced to the exact density (and weight) desired - for every meter.
  • Reduction or elimination of punch-weight measurements.
  • Fabric finished to the same quality level for all operators.
  • Higher production of fabric - more meters, more garments, more profit.

How the system works..

A PSM-200 optical sensor is placed at the entry of the stenter allowing for the use of a feedforward control algorithm correcting the overfeed speed before the fabric is placed on the stenter pins. The result, as documented by a second PSM sensor at the exit of the frame is uniform fabric density (and weight). The variations typical when the overfeed is held constant after manual operator setup are eliminated.